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F-16 Viper Behind The Wings

Join Curator Matthew Burchette from the Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum, as he visits Buckley AFB (in Aurora, Colorado) and gets to check out the sexy (but deadly) F16 Viper. Matthew is guided through the tour by Lt Col Craig “Lobo” Wolf, F-16 fighter pilot with the 120th Fighter Squadron. Lobo has…
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DCS WORLD – Top 10 Things You Should Know

As DCS World continues to grow and increase in popularity, new users often have similar questions about the game. This video is designed to answer the 10 most common questions the makers of DCS (ED – Eagle Dynamics) get asked. 10. Do I need a HOTAS to play? 9. Does DCS World support Virtual Reality?…
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Saab JAS 39 Gripen

The Saab JAS 39 Gripen (IPA: [ˈgriːpɛn]; English: griffin) is a light single-engine multirole fighter aircraft manufactured by the Swedish aerospace company Saab. It was designed to replace the Saab 35 Draken and 37 Viggen in the Swedish Air Force (Flygvapnet). The Gripen has a delta wing and canard configuration with relaxed stability design and…
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Northrop F20 Tigershark

The Northrop F-20 Tigershark (initially F-5G) was a light fighter, designed and built by Northrop. Its development began in 1975 as a further evolution of Northrop’s F-5E Tiger II, featuring a new engine that greatly improved overall performance, and a modern avionics suite including a powerful and flexible radar. Compared with the F-5E, the F-20…
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Northrop F5E Tiger II

In 1970, Northrop won the International Fighter Aircraft (IFA) competition to replace the F-5A, with better air-to-air performance against aircraft like the Soviet MiG-21. The resultant aircraft, initially known as F-5A-21, subsequently became the F-5E. It had more powerful (5,000 lbf) General Electric J85-21 engines, and had a lengthened and enlarged fuselage, accommodating more fuel.…
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Dogfighting Training F14 vs F5 (Speed & Angels)

This short video clip is taken from the Speed & Angels movie and features an F14 flown by Jay “Faceshot” Consalvi in a 1v1 dogfight with an F5 flown by Francesco “Paco” Chierici. Speed & Angels was produced by Paco and is currently available for purchase on the Apple Store and for FREE in most…
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