Month: May 2019

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Sneak Peak of “The Enemy Within” FREE Co-Op Mission From Baltic Dragon

For you DCS fans, this one is a sneak peak of an upcoming new mission from Baltic Dragon (flown with Spudknocker.) It will be turned into a randomized and ever-replayable multiplayer Co-Op Mission that will be unlocked so that you and a friend can fly the mission with any of the DCS: World aircraft you…
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Robin Olds – USAF Legend

Robin Olds (July 14, 1922 – June 14, 2007) was an American fighter pilot and general officer in the U.S. Air Force. He was a “triple ace”, with a combined total of 16 victories in World War II and the Vietnam War. He retired in 1973 as a brigadier general. The son of Army Air…
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Flying With The Thunderbirds by Bill Engvall

Just for something COMPLETELY different, here’s a comedian talking about his experiences flying with the USAF Thunderbirds! Funniest comedy sketch I’ve ever watched in my life! Enjoy 🙂 PS: apologies but it didn’t embed properly so you’ll have to watch it on Facebook. Want More Military Aviation Goodness? Join us in our private Facebook group…
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Kratos XQ-58 Valkyrie UCAV

The Kratos XQ-58 Valkyrie is a planned stealthy unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) that is to be deployed by the United States Air Force (USAF). It was initially designated XQ-222. The Valkyrie successfully completed its first flight on 5 March 2019 at Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona. Design objectives The XQ-58 Valkyrie falls within the USAF…
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$300 Million for the F-X/PCA Fighter! Is that Crazy, or Crazy?

Article referenced: The Air Force’s Next (6th Generation) Great Fighter Jet Could Cost $300 Million Apiece. The project called Penetrating Counter Air (PCA) will replace the F-22 Raptor … if the Air Force can afford it, that is. I’m gonna get some haters for this opinion, but spending this kind of money on these (so…
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USAF Pilot Training Mini Documentary

This was an interesting video I ran across by accident. It’s essentially a series of short interviews/commentaries by young trainee USAF pilots from Vance Air Force Base (Class 17-08.) 28 officers started a year long training program in April 2016, to become USAF pilots. Long days & nights, studying and working 12 hours. It’s fascinating…
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