Top Gun: Maverick – Top Gun 2

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With the upcoming release of Top Gun: Maverick (essentially Top Gun 2,) Paramount Pictures is looking to capitalise on the MASSIVE success of the original Top Gun movie (starring Tom Cruise) released back in 1986.

Yes, it HAS been 34 years since the original movie hit our screens!

Preliminary production on Top Gun: Maverick officially started on May 30, 2018, in San Diego, California, and is scheduled to be released on June 26, 2020!

This page will be updated as news of the film’s production & release progresses, but our first commentary on this exciting new movie is from our resident Fighter Pilot superstar, Paco Chierici!

Not only has Paco lived in this world, as a former US Navy F-14 Tomcat pilot and also 10 years flying the F5 for VFC-13 as a Navy Adversary pilot, but he’s also the producer of the famous “Speed & Angels” drama/documentary, released in 2008 and available on Amazon Prime & the Apple iTunes store.

Possibly no other person on the planet has the unique perspective of Paco when it comes to reviewing the upcoming Topgun: Maverick movie, because not only has he flown the F-14 Tomcat and been a dog fighting instructor, but he has also been involved in the process of producing a film on US Navy fighter pilots and all the complexities that that entailed!

So, enjoy Paco’s review of the newly released trailer, encompassing the behind-the-scenes footage of the F/A-18 Super Hornet, the actors and studio folks filming the new movie.

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