Dogfighting Training F14 vs F5 (Speed & Angels)

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Dogfighting Training F14 vs F5 (Speed & Angels)

This short video clip is taken from the Speed & Angels movie and features an F14 flown by Jay “Faceshot” Consalvi in a 1v1 dogfight with an F5 flown by Francesco “Paco” Chierici.

Speed & Angels was produced by Paco and is currently available for purchase on the Apple Store and for FREE in most english-speaking Amazon Prime countries. If you don’t have an Amazon Prime account, you can rent or buy it direct from them instead if that suits you better.

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9 Responses

  1. Im an amateur pilot and getting better ! But the sky belongs to the BEST OF THE BEST .. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE GENTLEMAN.. I SALUTE YOU ..?

  2. Avatar Ron Lavoie says:

    Thanks guys great short show’s, F-14 is a beast for sure, just wondering, do you need too take something to settle your stomachs like Gravol before you go up ? As a minimum you must watch what you do eat ??

  3. Avatar Rodney Clayton says:

    Awesome video.

  4. Avatar Richard Gibson says:

    That is like a dream I would love to cut a few g’s in a tomcat. Love the video

  5. Avatar Ernesto says:

    How I would have loved to fly on the F-14.

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