Dogfighting Training F14 vs F5 (Speed & Angels)

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Dogfighting Training F14 vs F5 (Speed & Angels)

This short video clip is taken from the Speed & Angels movie and features an F14 flown by Jay “Faceshot” Consalvi in a 1v1 dogfight with an F5 flown by Francesco “Paco” Chierici.

Speed & Angels was produced by Paco and is currently available for purchase on the Apple Store and for FREE in most english-speaking Amazon Prime countries. If you don’t have an Amazon Prime account, you can rent or buy it direct from them instead if that suits you better.

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12 Responses

  1. Im an amateur pilot and getting better ! But the sky belongs to the BEST OF THE BEST .. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE GENTLEMAN.. I SALUTE YOU ..?

  2. Ron Lavoie says:

    Thanks guys great short show’s, F-14 is a beast for sure, just wondering, do you need too take something to settle your stomachs like Gravol before you go up ? As a minimum you must watch what you do eat ??

  3. Rodney Clayton says:

    Awesome video.

  4. Richard Gibson says:

    That is like a dream I would love to cut a few g’s in a tomcat. Love the video

  5. Ernesto says:

    How I would have loved to fly on the F-14.

  6. Genc V. says:

    Awesome fight.
    Im just curious what the strategy of an F-5 is against the Tomcat. After all the used it at Top Gun. I know the A-4 was used for slow speed engagement below 240 kts, where the A-4 excels in scissors. What about the F-5?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Paco says:

      We used the F-5 as a simulator for the MiG-21. It has nearly the exact flying characteristics and is equally difficult to spot visually, though the Fishbed has pretty smoky engines.
      My game plan for fighting the Tomcat was twofold. If I could keep it one-circle, then go out-of-plane. If I was forced to go two-circle, I would keep it as tight and fast as possible. In either event, I wanted to either make the crew lose sight of me (happened relatively often) or to keep the Tomcat from being able to accelerate and use it’s superior thrust to weight.
      The F-5 had two distinct advantages; the first was we had an extra G to play with. The F-14 was a 6.5 G plane, the F-5 7.33G. Second was already mentioned, but our size was a distinct advantage. Tomcat crew were used to fighting other F-14s, when they went two-circle with an F-5 our distance at the furthest was around two miles. After we crossed tails new would lose sight of the other plane for around 90 degrees of turn. The panic to visually reacquire the F-5 was a real thing. Lose sight-lose the fight.
      Hope that helps a little.

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