Biggest Myth About The F-14 Tomcat: It Was Designed As An Interceptor

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Biggest Myth About The F-14 Tomcat: It Was Designed As An Interceptor

I asked Bio a question some months ago about the biggest myth about the Tomcat, and he managed to record a video for all of us to watch.

Note: This video is the first in a series of new videos that Bio is recording, with flying stories & thoughts like this topic.

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3 Responses

  1. Elliot says:

    Hi there,
    I just watched your video and really enjoyed it.
    However, I have recently read a book by Dan Pedersen (Founder of Topgun) in which he described the F-14 as a plane that was mainly used (at least on his ship, the USS Ranger) as a sort-of-interceptor. I may be using incorrect terminology here, but he described the F-14s as operating a good distance from the Aircraft Carrier, and being supplied by tankers and replaced in order to protect the carrier from enemy bombers and fighters. He mentioned many other uses for the Tomcat, but this was the main one he focused on. Am I incorrect here?

    Also, I think this website having a Discord to have users chat on would be awesome. Just an idea.


    • Eran Malloch says:

      Hi Elliot, and thanks for your question.

      Bottom line to this (based on what Bio has said to me in the past) is that the Tomcat was far more than an interceptor. It could dogfight (interceptors did not tend to be good at that). It could also serve in the attack role (it was built for it but they never introduced that until later in the plane’s history) and interceptors don’t tend to be good at that either. Bottom line, it was a very flexible plane and could do a lot of things well. Interceptor was just 1 role it excelled at but not the only one.

  2. Mason says:

    The story goes;
    the Navy wanted the F-14.
    The Air Force wanted the F-15.
    At some point an Air Force challenged a Navy pilot to a dog fight, the Navy pilot’s reply, “live ammo!” true?

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