Heatblur Speed & Angels Tournament with Paco Chierici

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Heatblur Speed & Angels Tournament with Paco Chierici

A few days before Christmas (2019), Paco was the guest star & co-commentator of the very first DCS Speed & Angels Tournament, hosted by Iron Mike (from Heatblur Simulations) & 104th Maverick (from the 104th Phoenix VFBS).

It was a long 4.5 hour event from start to finish, but the Red & Blue force pilots handled themselves well, even with technical issues causing challenges during the event.

Congratulations to ALL participants and a huge thank you to the event sponsors:

Heatblur Simulations
VKB Sim North America
Lions of The Sky

Note: The stream doesn’t really get started until approx 14 minutes in, so you can bypass the initial music backing track running before then.

Watch SPEED AND ANGELS with PACO CHIERICI – STREAM GIVEAWAY – F-14 Stick + G3 Gunfighter Base!!! | HEATBLUR | VKB | NORTH AMERICA from 104th_Maverick on www.twitch.tv

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