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DCS: Top End Australia – an Aussie’s Perspective for Foreigners

(unedited) Transcript: G’day DCS folks. It’s Eran from fightson.net here. I thought I’d drop in and talk a little bit about this new map that’s been announced. That’s got everyone all caught decide if it’s excited or aggro, possibly both. There’s some interesting comments on it, mostly from people who hate the idea and think…
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[Video] Fight’s On Scene from Speed & Angels

This video is an almost-perfect reproduction of a BFM engagement between 2 VFC-13 F5E Tiger II’s from Paco Chierici’s “Speed & Angels” documentary. It is amazingly lifelike! A huge thank you to Adri├ín Caparzo for creating it for us! Want More Military Aviation Goodness? Join us in our private Facebook group where you can enjoy…
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Heatblur Speed & Angels Tournament with Paco Chierici

A few days before Christmas (2019), Paco was the guest star & co-commentator of the very first DCS Speed & Angels Tournament, hosted by Iron Mike (from Heatblur Simulations) & 104th Maverick (from the 104th Phoenix VFBS). It was a long 4.5 hour event from start to finish, but the Red & Blue force pilots…
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