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[Video] Fight’s On Scene from Speed & Angels

This video is an almost-perfect reproduction of a BFM engagement between 2 VFC-13 F5E Tiger II’s from Paco Chierici’s “Speed & Angels” documentary. It is amazingly lifelike! A huge thank you to Adrián Caparzo for creating it for us! Want More Military Aviation Goodness? Join us in our private Facebook group where you can enjoy…
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Heatblur Speed & Angels Tournament with Paco Chierici

A few days before Christmas (2019), Paco was the guest star & co-commentator of the very first DCS Speed & Angels Tournament, hosted by Iron Mike (from Heatblur Simulations) & 104th Maverick (from the 104th Phoenix VFBS). It was a long 4.5 hour event from start to finish, but the Red & Blue force pilots…
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