Deka Ironwork Simulations JF-17 “Thunder” Release Trailer

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Deka Ironwork Simulations JF-17 “Thunder” Release Trailer

And another plane joins the DCS family!

Welcome to the JF-17 “Thunder” from Deka Ironwork Simulations, which went on Early Access sale over on the DCS e-store today!

If the trailer is anything to go by, this is going to be a fun and very cool little plane for those who want less Bluefor (American) planes and more Redfor alternatives.

Check out the trailer video here. It’s a thing of beauty AND I have to admit to really enjoying the music backing track as well. It is very catchy!

As more info about the JF-17 hits the web, I’ll be reporting on it here. Plus if I can connect with anyone at Deka, I might try for an interview/demo of it as well.

Until then, enjoy! 🙂

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