What Does An F-14 Tomcat RIO Do?

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What Does An F-14 Tomcat RIO Do?

The team from DCSNZA hosted Dave “Bio” Baranek for a live streaming event earlier today.

Dave spend time talking about what the RIO (radar intercept officer) did in the F-14 (a great insight into that world) and then he took to the virtual skies with the DCSNZA team in the Heatblur F-14 Tomcat, tanked with an S3 Viking, engaged in a dogfight with some bad guys, and then landed back on the boat and spent time answering peoples questions!

This was a fun experience and a good view of what the RIO did and how important they were to the success of the Tomcat as a fighting unit.

If you’d like more information about Bio’s career in the US Navy, you can click here for more details. Also, check out his Topgun Days book here.


Note: If you want to start the live stream immediately, just jump to 9 minutes in and you can avoid the splash screen!

I’d also recommend going full screen for maximum enjoyment.

PS: If you’d like to fly the DCS Tomcat for FREE, check out Eagle Dynamics special offer to download and try any of their planes for 1 month for FREE. This is a fantastic opportunity to try this and all the other planes available in DCS! This ends 18th May so don’t dawdle…

Watch DCSNZA – BIO Baranek F-14 EVENT from DCSNZA on www.twitch.tv

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