DCS F16C Viper Introduction (First Looks)

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DCS F16C Viper Introduction (First Looks)

OK Sports fans! She’s HERE!!! 🙂

Eagle Dynamics released the F16C Viper into early access several days ago on Fri 4th October 2019, and naturally the DCS community has gone NUTZ! 🙂

Multiplayer servers the world over are currently crammed full of the beautiful F16 and the early release F14 craze has definitely gone the way of the dodo…

So, while I am officially still a TERRIBLE pilot in DCS (it doesn’t help that I don’t yet have rudder pedals nor TrackIR nor VR), I decided I was going to take her up for a flight around and see what she looks like & & how she handles.

Keeping in mind, my first air combat flight sim was Spectrum Holobyte’s Falcon 3.0 back in the 1990s, I was naturally excited to see how far the graphics experience has improved in the last 20+ years!

Suffice it to say I was NOT disappointed!

She looks AMAZING

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