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Whether they’re fighters, attack, recon, transport, helicopter and so forth, this is where you can find more information about your favourite plane.

Note: As the cost of developing and manufacturing aircraft – particularly sophisticated modern fighters – has kept rising over the years, it’s very common for many planes to have multiple roles.

Hence the term fighter could easily mean an aircraft capable of the fighter/attack/recon role, etc.

Generically speaking, on this site we refer to “fighters” as planes who have a significant Air to Air role (whether BVR or dogfighting in close!)

Fighter Aircraft

F4 Phantom II
F5 Freedom Fighter/Tiger II
F8 Crusader
F14 Tomcat
F15 Eagle
F16 Fighting Falcon/Viper
F/A-18 Hornet
F20 Tigershark
F22 Raptor
F35 Lightning II

Panavia Tornado
Eurofighter Typhoon
Dassault Rafale
Saab JAS 39 Gripen